This blog is fully backed up and officially done. The new website is up(ish) and running:


Same with the tumblr. So change your bookmarks if ya got ‘em!

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SO I’m MOVING to Tumblr.

It seems to be the go-to community for illustrators and animators. It also feels like an appropriate time because this blog started when I got into USC, and it’ll end now that I’m graduated. KINDA POETIC I THINK.

In the coming months I’m gonna overhaul the website to have more of a regular film/portfolio layout.  But I’m going to keep the blog as a  nice little time capsule in sub-section of the new site I have to design. Which I don’t know if I have the time for. Who am I talking to?


Anyway – thank you wordpress for your service! You can rest now.


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Dum Ditty Dum

Almost forgot to post this! The finished music video I spent a couple months working on in the summer. I think it turned out pretty cool! I did some of the stuff that’s in there. Some of the geometric trails and wiggly arms.

Thank you to Laura Yilmaz and Tani Ikeda for taking me on the project.

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Strange Lords - Roadkill

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This here’s a loop from an animated exquisite corpse I’m participating in. The theme was LA, and I made this drawing of my kitchen window.  I had a few more complicated ideas I might post later, but this city’s got a lot of flies, and people need to know.

You can’t leave the window open for a second.

Anyway- I’ve been working at Titmouse for 5 weeks now. I’m just starting to settle into a routine that leaves me with enough energy to work at home. Expect some new work uploaded soon.

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