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Some Scratch on film

We’ve had to animated directly onto film twice in the past 2 weeks. Week 1 one clear leader, week 2 was black leader. Neither of my end products were super exciting, but I like them when they’re together, and modified to look like microscope slides:

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Updated Panorama

This the updated final landscape:

I don’t know if we’re actually going to be animating these panoramas after all- but I did it as an experiment today anyway. Before- I’ve animated parallax manually, but here I’ve put 9 different photoshop layers in 3D space, then just animated a virtual camera. I plan to add some moving lizards and an airplane soon:

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I had to make a multi-layered background for class. Next week I think we’re going to animate it.

After I was done drawing this I realized it looked just like a series of photographs my mom made a while back. But I worked in a Terex HR-16, so there is a little bit of me in there too.

I plan on animating some lizards and an airplane in there. The sky has to change too. It’s generic and awful:

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The Leaf

A year ago my friend Jesse went of to grad school for animation, and during his first few weeks he emailed me his leaf-dropping assignment. I think this project is kind of like a rite of passage for all beginning animators:

I was really surprised how much I enjoyed drawing this. It’s not perfect, but the whole animating process felt organic, not mechanical. Entering week 4 and I’m just getting more excited.


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Flip Book/Zoetrope Assignments

One of the flipbooks from my first week's homework!

Above is just a stream of all the flipbook images, back to back. Below I used After Effect’s pixel motion to create unique meld-frames in between all of my drawn meld frames. Normally pixel motion has some really bizarre artifacts, but it worked pretty well for this project.: 

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