More Concept Art

Big WEEK- Katie’s family was here for the last week and they took us around to a lot of the cool places I’ve been wanting to visit. Tomorrow I go the Academy for a centennial tribute to Mary Blair. I’ve gotta get dressed up and I think there’re going to be free appetizers. THEN a bizarrely elaborate Halloween party on Saturday, a free LACMA field trip on Sunday, a lot of cool movies being played and nothing but animating to be done in between. This is a cool plaaaace.

ANYWAY- Here are some more finished drawings for that team of engineers. I’m not super excited about the content, but they’re getting me to draw things I wouldn’t be normally. The color’s just more practice with light- I’m trying to color like I would with markers.

There’s a screwy sign in this first one- the game has to do with dementia, so I didn’t think it made sense to have details like text and signage to be so finite.

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