1 Hour Assignment- Sasquatch

The animation in this is seriously awful.

The 1 hour assignment this week was to create a rudimentary puppet and set. I had some lofty plans for the set until I realized that I was probably approaching the assignment in the absolute wrong way. We only have 1 hour with the camera, that includes time to set up and get out. So I decided to make a REALLY basic puppet, and REALLY basic set, and just focus on making the animation look right. Just make the puppet move well.

Somehow I ended up doing the opposite of what I set out to do: I made the set 20 minutes before I had to get started out of paper and some plants, and it ended up being the most interesting part of the animation. The Sasquatch puppet was very poorly made, so I couldn’t really move him properly.

I did manage to get off a cool sequence of handheld shots, though. So the experiment wasn’t a failure. After I edited the whole thing, and even gave it some titles, it all just kind of looked like a polished turd. I wasn’t going to post it.

BUUUUUUUUUT- I ended up kind of liking this stupid video. Props to my dad for giving my brother and me this ridiculous monkey as a stocking stuffer 5 years ago. I think its face is the only reason I like the sasquatch at all. I mean look at this thing:

So anyway, here is my dumb project:

UPDATE:Katie saw this video and immediately thought of this song, so I added it to the video. I think they were made for each other.

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