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More Concept Art

Big WEEK- Katie’s family was here for the last week and they took us around to a lot of the cool places I’ve been wanting to visit. Tomorrow I go the Academy for a centennial tribute to Mary Blair. I’ve gotta get dressed up and I think there’re going to be free appetizers. THEN a bizarrely elaborate Halloween party on Saturday, a free LACMA field trip on Sunday, a lot of cool movies being played and nothing but animating to be done in between. This is a cool plaaaace.

ANYWAY- Here are some more finished drawings for that team of engineers. I’m not super excited about the content, but they’re getting me to draw things I wouldn’t be normally. The color’s just more practice with light- I’m trying to color like I would with markers.

There’s a screwy sign in this first one- the game has to do with dementia, so I didn’t think it made sense to have details like text and signage to be so finite.

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Some nostalgic exercises

I was doodling in class the other day and little images of Florida kept coming out.

I’m not very confident dealing with light, so I scanned it in to experiment:

Zoomed in real close- the sunset one looks like some UPA style background. But I like the colors:

It’s feeling fall-ish outside, I want to start making some soups.

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Play it full screen.
Another 1 week assignment. This time we had to animate a big Tex Avery style reaction. The end product is a little funky- but it’s still a lot of fun too see my drawings move. Trying to figure out how to key frame the movements was the hardest part for me.

Here are some of the sketches I used to time it out:

And the background image:

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More Concept Sketch

Some sketches for that game I’m helping with. Not a lot of creative activity this weekend- my friends Jesse and Sara visited and we just had a lot of fun activity instead. Totally worth it.

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Still working- Not blowing minds, though

This assignment was fun- but it didn’t really yield anything super exciting. Our professor gave us all the key-frames, and we had to do the in-betweens. You can see the difference in the flickering- some of the little bean characters have dark photo-copy lines. My drawings were in pencil. We had to add a cape in as well- which was the only part of the assignment that left any room for interpretation- but I didn’t really try anything too creative.
Essentially- if everybody followed the teacher’s frame guide correctly, we’ll all be turning in 15 identical assignments that look just like this:

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