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‘Escape Velocity’ Storyboards

“Escape Velocity is the speed at which the kinetic energy plus the gravitational potential energy of an object is zero” says wikipedia. It’s the speed required to escape orbit.

My idea for the final due on December 13th is a multiplane single shot of this rocket leaving the atmosphere. I had to jam out these storyboards because my plan for sound is due tomorrow. The idea is simple and one I’ve had for a while- but the final has to be 60 seconds long- and that’s putting a strain on my original concept.
The time minimum is making me push the animation beyond what I would have preferred. I’m worried that I’m losing the idea that made me want to make this piece in the first place. But the time for second guessing is over- I’ve gotta start production now or I won’t be able to finish, so I’m gonna push through with this plan.

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Thanksgiving at Lake Tahoe

So Katie and I just got back from an awesome weekend, visiting Lake Tahoe for Friendsgiving.
A Benji-made panoramic.

But the fun is over- the last week of my first semester starts tomorrow. 1 research paper due Friday, 1 animation assignment due Thursday. Then a week of no classes and on Tuesday the 13th my BIG assignment is due. Hopefully I’ll have some process shots of this thing as it’s being made. I’d like it to be very good.
As of today I have to start working and not stop for the next 2.5 weeks. I’ve got to kick it into high gear. High Gear starting- riiiiiiiiiight affffteerr thiiiiiiiiiiisss ssennnteeennnnce!

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Rotoscope Assignment

One of the latest assignments was to rotoscope 10 seconds of some video we had taken in class. This was, but I missed the point a little bit, made it too true to life. I traced 150 frames, then essentially redrew the 150 frames with my brush pens. I think some of the inbetweens turned into interesting drawings:

This week has been crazy. I stayed up for almost 2 days, for almost no reason.

At some point I decided that I was on a roll and needed to work through the night. It was fun, but ultimately the assignments I produced in that time period weren’t great. Which is FRUSTRATING.

But it turns out that we only have 2 weeks left until the end of the semester. So I think it’s a good thing that the week before our final assignments was the week where I kind of lost focus and made lame assignments, because now I feel ready to redouble my efforts for the finals.

Also at some point in my 40-ish hours of consciousness Katie and I shaved my beard into a mustache. It looks weird. My whole head looks weird.

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A few weeks ago we went as a class to go see the Tim Burton show at LACMA. As a result, this week’s one hour assignment is to create a short animation in the style of Tim Burton, using any of the methods we’ve learned so far:

SPOOOOKY . I was truly not excited about this assignment. There were no bright ideas rattling around in my brain. So I entered into my hour with low expectations. But ignoring the lame scare, I think this ended up looking kind of nice.

I don’t know if you can tell on youtube, but last minute I decided to screw around with a multiplane and animate rain running down the window, which ended up being one of the most interesting parts. I believe that if it was actually visible, you would agree that it was cool too. What’s cool is that there was barely any animating going on, it was a stupidly simple set up. I was working on something KIND of like this:

(Except the plates of glass were being held up by stacks of plastic film cores.)

 stacks of plastic film core

I collaged a few images in photoshop and printed them out. And drew the Burton deer for him to change into: That was really it. I placed the window frame above the deer head and scraped glycerin across it every frame so that it looked like it was raining.


That’s the experiment that I think got me the most excited. I know it’s too dark to even see here, but at full resolution it was a nice touch. So I got a new trick to keep in mind.

The only thing thing I moved after that was a lamp for the car lights and the exposure/ISO setting on the camera to fake the thunder. Easiest project yet, and I think it’s the most successful.

Well- that’s it for me. The length of this post can be attributed to procrastination, but now the guilt is overwhelming, and I have to go work.

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A Lil’ Color

Some design-y, typographic doodles from the weekend-

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