Lip Sync Assignment

I am shocked with how much fun these assignments are. I tried to push this movement a little bit, but I still think I could make it crazier. Everyone in the class has the audio clip and crit’s in 3 minutes. I’m excited. I’d say there are 5 people still in the cubicles still working.
Einar was telling me that the best drawings come during the in betweens, and I definitely agree for this project. After 20 or so drawings of the head I started to loosen up, here are my 2 favorites:

I also got to use x-sheets for the first time:

I printed out 3 x-sheets. One to plan for the body, one to plan for the eyes and one to plan for the lips. Somebody had already analyzed the audio clip and delineated on what frames the words would start. Next time I’m going to have to do that myself. So I animated the lip-synch, then I made this frame for it so it had some context:

I don’t know if he’s telling someone else to get away from the cake- or if he’s seeing himself in a mirror and is trying to stick to a diet. It’s dumb either way.

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