Rotoscope Assignment

One of the latest assignments was to rotoscope 10 seconds of some video we had taken in class. This was, but I missed the point a little bit, made it too true to life. I traced 150 frames, then essentially redrew the 150 frames with my brush pens. I think some of the inbetweens turned into interesting drawings:

This week has been crazy. I stayed up for almost 2 days, for almost no reason.

At some point I decided that I was on a roll and needed to work through the night. It was fun, but ultimately the assignments I produced in that time period weren’t great. Which is FRUSTRATING.

But it turns out that we only have 2 weeks left until the end of the semester. So I think it’s a good thing that the week before our final assignments was the week where I kind of lost focus and made lame assignments, because now I feel ready to redouble my efforts for the finals.

Also at some point in my 40-ish hours of consciousness Katie and I shaved my beard into a mustache. It looks weird. My whole head looks weird.

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