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Weekend Pencil Tests

I’ve got a lot of little things rolling around in my head. We’re getting a lot of practice here, but the curriculum is moving so quickly that there isn’t a lot of time to retry assignments that I may not have gotten quite right. This weekend I made a point of getting a lot of drawing done and returning to some little assignments. Allow me to critique my work:
I wanted to push some squash and stretch basics with the lizard gallop. But the movement is unnatural and I think I could push it even more.

The fatman strut I did to focus on secondary animation, I wanted to see if I could make his gut jiggle. Surprisingly, this one was the only really successful test. When I was drawing the frames I was dubious.

Lastly is the chicken. I wanted to animate a snapping motion. I don’t really know what happened there. I know it’s a failure, but I like it.

Feels like things are piling up all of a sudden- but in a good way. I’ve got some work finally! I’m drawing in my off time! Checking out LA in my OFF OFF time! Trying to manage my class-load as efficiently as possible- and the other day we made potato leek soup! Everything is alllllllriiiiight

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Lip Sync Assignment

I am shocked with how much fun these assignments are. I tried to push this movement a little bit, but I still think I could make it crazier. Everyone in the class has the audio clip and crit’s in 3 minutes. I’m excited. I’d say there are 5 people still in the cubicles still working.
Einar was telling me that the best drawings come during the in betweens, and I definitely agree for this project. After 20 or so drawings of the head I started to loosen up, here are my 2 favorites:

I also got to use x-sheets for the first time:

I printed out 3 x-sheets. One to plan for the body, one to plan for the eyes and one to plan for the lips. Somebody had already analyzed the audio clip and delineated on what frames the words would start. Next time I’m going to have to do that myself. So I animated the lip-synch, then I made this frame for it so it had some context:

I don’t know if he’s telling someone else to get away from the cake- or if he’s seeing himself in a mirror and is trying to stick to a diet. It’s dumb either way.

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More Dog Concepts

Those video-game boys needed the dog to be perfectly symmetric, so it was difficult not to make this dog not look handicapped. I’m not sure if I succeeded.

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Dog dangling kind of day

I feel good- I feel energized. A lot of my peers are WAY better than me. It’s like having daily reminders of how hard I need to work. Animating is much more fun than I anticipated. Truthfully, I was worried I might hate the tedium of it, I was worried it would affect my drawing, but it’s just a different way of thinking. Above is another drawing I did for that video game- a lip-synch assignment is on it’s way.

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