Multiplane Process and David Lindley!

I’m a day behind on production but it’s been for some worthy causes. Saturday night I was able to go to a Brad Neely event at the cinefamily, and LAST night I was able to see David Lindley- which is something I’ve been waiting to do for years and years and years. So thank you dad for emailing me his tour dates.

So my nights have been eaten, but my days were spent DEVELOPING:


I need this for my final project. It took 2 days to produce, which is why I’m a day late with my animatic. But the good thing about cut-out animation is that most of the work is on the front end. I’m still dealing with a lot of unknowns, but unknowns tend to produce happy accidents…sometimes.  Here’s some process stuff making the multiplane:

Thanks mom!

For something so simple, it was hard for me to wrap my head around.

Katie, leaving me in the dust

I’m not allowed in Katie’s woodshop, so she had to take all of the plans and build the thing herself. Which is an amazing favor for 2 reasons: One, I was able to stay home and work on my animatic. Two, Katie is a much better craftsman than me and the thing looks amazing:

Tonight I finish the animatic. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I start producing all of the cut-outs and other animated assets. Friday and Saturday, I animate. Then a cumulative history final. Then I’m home free.

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