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Style-Boards and Rip-O-Matic

These style-boards are suppose to serve as examples of what final frames from the animation might look like. Probably more detail than it will have in the end- but I’m trying to stick to simple colors. I still don’t really know what I’m doing.
In OTHER news: Mike Patterson (one of my professors) recommended that I make a rip-o-matic to help potential composers understand what I’m going for with my production 1. Which is exciting, because I’ve never heard of a rip-o-matic. It’s something used (mostly in advertising I think) as a proof of concept. A rough animatic made out of ripped clips from other videos to help demonstrate the final tone of my animation:

Anyway- it was a lot of fun to make, and ultimately pretty helpful. THE ANIMATIC COMES TOMORROW.

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Figure Drawing Friday- WIZARDS

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Storyboards- 11 weeks until picture lock

Finished my storyboards for Production 1:

Planning this has been great. I haven’t had this much fun planning a project since in loooooong time. But I still can’t figure out a name. Cordyceps? Fungus? Anthropopathogen? The Coronation? Titles are definitely one of my greatest weaknesses. I want the kind of title that changes your interpretation of what you’ve seen. But right now I’ve got nothing.

The more I learn about this fungus, the better it gets. Katie and I went to a free talk that the International Documentary Association had at the cinefamily a few months ago. One of the things that the film-makers recommended was that we write down our initial reactions to things. If something catches our attention, immediately write down way, because it’s easy to lose sight of that after you’ve been scrutinizing it for months. With that in mind I returned to some of the old videos that originally got me excited for this concept and SHIIIIT CORDYCEPS FUNGUS IS THE COOLEST:

This video is the better one. The next video just has some really nice (pretty gross) time lapse fungus growth:


Brainwashed By A Parasite – Neurophilosophy
Zombie Ants- Daily Mail

In other news: I finally got a frame for the Jay Ryan print that came in the mail. It’s now raining hell-fire on me as I work: NEXT WEEK: STYLE BOARDS • ANIMATIC • SOUND SCRIPT

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Expanded Animation

Our teacher played a slideshow of 250 pictures, 30 seconds a piece. and we got to sit and respond in our sketchbooks for 2 hours. Grad school is alllllllllllllllright.

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Adobe Brush Seminar

Every Saturday (mostly) we’re going to be having mini seminars, where different people are going to come and and demonstrate some new software or technique. Here’s a doodle I made while learning about Photoshop’s brush capabilities. I got to use one of those sweet, sweet wacom tablets.

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