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Breakfast 01/09/12

I’m gonna see how long I can keep up illustrating my breakfast everyday:
Seems like it’ll be good practice. Speed trials if I’m ever running late will force me to loosen up. I’ll try and mix up media too. And if I’m REALLY lucky I’ll keep levelling my ability to make breakfast.

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Marker Messaround

Some marker-ing I did last night. I’ve been eager to try out a set of warms grays that my parents got me for christmas. Verdict= IIIIIIIIIIIIIII like ‘em.

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Escape Velocity

It took me until after break to upload this because I was kind of hated it. But now that a few weeks have passed, I forgot my original expectations and uuuuuuh- it’s not so bad! My friends here in the program call it Diarrhea Rocket.
New Year now- big expectations- I am very excited.

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