Incredible Week

This has been a pretty amazing week all around. I will put all of the wonderful events in list form to help quantify them. Surely it’s too much good for one person to receive:

  • I found out that I am the recipient of a very generous scholarship
  • 2 days before sound-lock I found music for my Production 1, and it came in the form of bad ass Florida surf rock Waylon Thornton. I couldn’t be happier because not only is the song perfect, but I’ve seen these guys live in Gainesville. So I feel like I’m repping home pretty hard.
  • Two best friends came and visited from out of town
  • I’ve been getting excellent parking spots all week
  • My cousin got me a tax-return!
  • Production is on schedule

I’m savoring this surge of positivity. I know that I’m going to be running into trouble with my animation when I have to color it (starting Sunday.) But hopefully it will just be mind-numbing and not time-destroying. Still haven’t figured out a title, kind of want to run it by my brother. Loop Road? BlackSwamp, FL? I dunno. But I’ll have that by tomorrow.

Here’s  a link to the band that saved my project. Serious authentic surf, punk and soul mix. The track I’m using is Bat Glasses:

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