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Home Again

Got home about 5 days ago. I just finished wrestling a brutal flu, Feeling about 90% today, and my mom just helped me get everything in order so that my room is a streamlined animating tank:

I need to keep animating so I don’t forget everything I’ve learned, but those animation peg-hole punchers cost like $500 bucks. So mom helped me construct some peg-bars that will register standard 3-hole punched paper. Now all I gotta do is make stuff!

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BadBloom Animatic

Now that the finished product is done I thought it’d be fun to post the animatic I made months ago. I honestly feel like I ended up rendering a lot of the scenes how I imagined them. Which is rare for me. Feels gooooood.
Summer is here now, time to learn how to draw again, practice animating, lose weight and play Diablo 3.

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BadBloom, FL.

UPDATE: It turns out I can’t release the video yet! But I’m working on it.

I finished my production 1. I’ve never worked harder than I did to produce these 2 minutes of animation.
The people in the program are awesome. Now I have 14 days to relax.

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Palm tree Parallax

I’ve got some final tweaks to make on my Production 1. It looks great on my home computer, but really dark on the school computers. The school computers that very expensive and carefully¬†calibrated¬†monitors. So I’m only a few adjustments away from being down with BADBLOOM!

In the meantime, here is my final for Expanded animation:

It’s my second experiment with maya. We only had to produce 30 seconds, so it was fun just messing around. My 3d palms looks a little janky but I when I turned them into silhouettes they ended up looking pretty real. In my opinion. Katie’s been reading Proust. I’ve learned a little about phenomenology through osmosis. This video really reminds me of humidity, and this weird flitered light that happens in Florida after a storm.
Special thank you to Andrew Malek and Reggie Ford for teaching me the second half of maya.The video reminds me of this weird yellow light that happens in Florida after it rains.

And THAT is my last final. So when I finish my production 1 tomorrow, I WILL BE DONE WITH THE SEMESTER.

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