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Supermonkey Color Study

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This gif was inspired by the tennis-ball sized bird shit on the porch in North Carolina. All I ever see around the porch are hummingbirds and purple finches. I had to assume that a dump of that magnitude must have been fatal.

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NC Sketchbook Dump

Just got back from a week in North Carolina. I drew 12 hours a day, twice in a row. Feel REAL good about it. I’m gonna ride this wave- draw until I’m dead.

the crystal tyrant! His heart is a pink gorilla skull.

Might make that last one a stamp.

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Octopus Amulet & Old Poster

This is an old drawing, but I just came across it on my dropbox. I’ve always liked the water because it looks so fluffy and light. I’ve haven’t really drawn water like that since.

Next is another drawing from a story I wrote 2 years ago. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in the graduate program because when I revisited this story I was able to recognize it immediately as total shit.

Posters are usually the best part of movies anyway. I’ve gotta get back into guache!

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Airport doodles

The storms in Orlando were so bad that my plane had to land in Tampa and wait it out. The clouds looked like mud.

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