Movie Sketches and Sketchbook Dump

Trying to get myself back into the drawing game this summer. I’ve been drawing movie stills from this website cinemosaic. Been Screwing around with some color tests too. Conceptually, I kind of hate the idea of adding film effects to my digital animations. But I keep doing it:

These top two drawings are from a movie called Sword of Doom. The next two are from Kwaidan and Jigoku. Cinemosaic’s whole front page was nothing but Japanese Samurai/horror movies. Which is better than the second page of weird British stuff I didn’t really wanna draw.

Bill Duke has been on my to-draw list for fucking months. Drew this from Predator:

Then finally there is some miscellaneous stuff. Some Wendigo drawings and a 2 more style-boards I made today.

I feel like I got my chops back. Now I’m going to start tackling my to-draw list in earnest. I LOVE SUMMER TIME.

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