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Character Design Test


Just trying to keep the volume with of this skull with a head turn. Tomorow I want to animate the same move, same timing, photoshop only, no lines. See if I can pull it off.

Shooting the frames in low-light makes the animation look like some old-timey film:

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Beach Construction

Andrew and I built the beach today. These are some test-shots I took at Home Depot to see which succulents would look best from the bottom up:

LA is insane. There is a dedicated store for everything. After Home Depot we went to Foam-mart for foam, Necromance for tiny bones and shells, Mother Pluckers for feathers. Here are some shots of our aggregated materials:

And making the beach. Working with such a loose foam was actually a really pleasant surprise:

I’m really excited. Lighting is going to be hard to get right, and things are getting harder already. I’m starting to feel the time-constraint anxiety that possessed me all last semester. Which is good. It felt weird not being stressed. But working with Andrew is fun, Katie is contributing a lot of great props and sweetness. I think the project is gonna be cool. Here’s a HYPER rough mock-up of an already rough panoramic we shot today:

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Some train sketches

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Danger Island Character Design

Some Character Design. I’ve really got to learn how to simplify shapes for animation, but still keep the design interesting, or at least in my style. Lots more work to do. Gotta work ’til I’m dead.

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It’s Katie’s birthday today! I was at her studio this weekend while she was working on a project, and I was staring at this pole all day. When everybody left the studio and everything quieted down, I was able to hear this really nice electrical buzzing and clicking coming from the thing:

Electric Transformer

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