Beach Construction

Andrew and I built the beach today. These are some test-shots I took at Home Depot to see which succulents would look best from the bottom up:

LA is insane. There is a dedicated store for everything. After Home Depot we went to Foam-mart for foam, Necromance for tiny bones and shells, Mother Pluckers for feathers. Here are some shots of our aggregated materials:

And making the beach. Working with such a loose foam was actually a really pleasant surprise:

I’m really excited. Lighting is going to be hard to get right, and things are getting harder already. I’m starting to feel the time-constraint anxiety that possessed me all last semester. Which is good. It felt weird not being stressed. But working with Andrew is fun, Katie is contributing a lot of great props and sweetness. I think the project is gonna be cool. Here’s a HYPER rough mock-up of an already rough panoramic we shot today:

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