2.10.13 Animation Practice

Directed studies with Tom Sito- he has me following the key’s of some animation madmen. This first gif is just 13 drawings. JUST 13 DRAWINGS! It’s better than anything I’ve done in the past two years:disney-jowl

So then I went on my own, trying to push my keys and work on some secondary animation:






Today I did a 4 second scene of Daffy Duck. I don’t think I ever tried any cartoon-y animation when I started. I just pushed through to try and get some realistic stuff. So going over these mastermind’s work is really beneficial- I think it’ll help inform and loosen up all my stuff. I’m learning a lot about how well designed these characters are. Drawing them over and over again feels really organic.

Anyway- too many words- I’ve had cuban coffee.

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