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Some Extracurricular work

It felt like I had some spare time on my hands a few weeks ago, so I decided to obliterate it, and I took on a little bit of extracurricular work. First is a animation that’s going to be projected on an 8 foot wide inflatable balloon at a Visual Music event at USC in a month:

It’s some kaleidescopic imagery made out of vegetable MRI’s that a “Boston based technologist” Andy Ellison has been putting out on the internet. I think they’re amazing. The first repeating sequence is garlic, and when everything turns into solid white circles in the middle, you’re looking at grapes.
Second up is some work I’m doing on a 3rd year MFA’s thesis. Lisa Chung is unbelievably positive friendly and her thesis is going to turn out beautiful, so I’m happy to be a part of it. Plus I get to get more familiar with Flash. This is only my second pass, and there hasn’t been a clean-up yet, but it’s fun to work with these lump monsters instead of my usual fat old men. Which I guess aren’t that different.

I’ll post the final version when I’m done with it- but here’s version 4:

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Tracing Pad Challenge


Managed to make time to go to figure drawing today. I heard about this exercise this exercise where you do 30 second gestures in tracing pad, from the back up. See if you can get the main gestures and make them move. APPARENTLY EVERYBODY knows about this exercise already, and I’m just late to the party. It was fun, but I am RUUUUSTY with gestures. I’m going to try and hit figure drawing up more often. Maybe. I get very sleepy on Fridays.

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New Site- New pencil testing set-up

Animating for Mr. Sito and finagling the site to a sleeker design. Couldn’t have navigated the CSS without the incredibly generous and brain smart Rachelle Dunn.

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Can’t stop thinking about crocodiles




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