I don’t know why but I love stamps. I also love animating. I love stamps and animating. So for the past two years I’ve had this fantasy of designing a stamp that I could use to identify stacks of animation paper, folders of relevant material, contracts, ALL the clerical shit. Something about stamps makes clerical shit seem romantic. Anyway- for my thesis I’ve gone and done it:

I was gonna carve the stamp myself out of this linoleum kit my mom bought me a couple years back- but I’m pretty bad at carving- and I wanted a stamp that I didn’t have to roll with ink. When I decided to PAY for the stamp to be made- I thought I’d push the limits and add some real thin line-work in there.
It arrived today and I’m super pleased with the results. A cool stamp and a badass laser-etched? wooden block background to help me identify it.
Now I actually have to make my thesis so I can stamp it.

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