Scene 06 has really minimal animation- so I was able to push it to completion in 2 days. I tried to hide an easter egg in the background of this shot. One for my brother’s beer brand and one for my composer Waylon Thornton:

06_Bill-Perplexed-extra 06_Bill Perplexed_BG


BUT- the background was too complicated for a 2.75 second shot – so I had to put everything out of focus. So it’s a really, really hard to find easter egg.

06_Bill Perplexed
06_Bill Perplexed2

Here’s a seagull that I animated from Scene 08. It’s 1 seagull out of about 14. Scene 08 is a nightmare.



I’m still struggling to figure out the solution to the film grain texture I like, as well as the color balance for this scene. Generally- I’m trying to work and draw outside of thesis every day- but I find that it’s confusing me. I’ve never worked on something for a year long- I’m worried that in 6 months I’m going to finally have honed down the look of this thing, and I’m going to have to go back and re-do a ton of scenes. BUT, I guess it makes no sense to worry about that now.

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