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3rd Year Cubicle Shot

My last year at USC started on Monday, so here’s a panoramic shot to commemorate the room I’ve spent so much time in:

 I started this blog with a photo of the my brand new cubicles here at USC- and I took another picture at the beginning of last year- so it’s tradition.

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WALL A (0-00-00-00)_1_1

work work workin’ on that freelance I can’t talk about.

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Just finished scene 14, if I can kill scene 15 tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be back on schedule. Almost 25% through production on this behemoth!


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I animated that bad boy without planning my spacing, and without reference. Either making crates bob violently in water is EASY, or I have a knack for crate bobbing. (It’s easy.)

Smoke, on other hand, I have no knack for. Turns out I really suck at it, actually. I broke down this tiny portion from the Cowboy Bebop intro frame by frame:


From 10s to 13s. I actually copied the frames almost exactly, but it didn’t work out. This is the way animation has worked for me so far, sometimes shots just make sense, and other times it’s like hammering a rock. But I didn’t get frustrated- because for the last 12 days, this was my view while I was animating:


Spent the last week and a half in North Carolina, where I discovered how good iphones are at taking macro-photography. That’s my segue into posting a bunch of pictures of bugs:


This beetle hissed. Those fan antennae were blowing my mind.

And the last two images I have no segue for. One is another photo of that cloud floor I just posted a video of, and the other is a graph I found online a couple of months ago. It’s just burning a hole on my desktop and I don’t know what to do with it, but I really like those stars all over it. So it just goes on the blog for now.




Those stars are great, right?


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12 hours of travelling to get from NC to California,  I took this video on the plane to Atlanta. I don’t think it looks real, and that’s one of my favorite things.  I’m gonna take a day to readjust, but then right back to it. Feeling revitalized.

Some retroactive progress posts to come.

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