It’s been a brutal month and a half. November almost killed me. Storyboarded 150 panels for the development deal, wrote a research paper, gave a sweaty stuttering presentation on it, stayed on schedule with my thesis, and tried to keep up a drawing practice. I fell short on the last one. Most of my drawing these days look like this:


That’s a scribble, and some clues about what to draw later. For that reason, I don’t really have anything exciting to post. So to keep up my readership of 12 hits a month, I’m going to focus on Katie, who’s spent a couple weeks building a toilet:



She has a show coming up in February and she’s redoing the bathroom with all hand-built parts. It’s gonna be awesome.

December is gonna be good though. Gonna rip through this thesis, get some drawing done, get some gator teeth, get some some beer in me, get some sleep.

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