Finally getting into the hallucination sequence is exciting, but it’s kind of turned production into molasses. There is a lot of decision making to be done, which hasn’t been a part of doing my thesis for 9 months. Hopefully it’ll be good.

Anyway- I keep a folder called ‘blog’ on my desktop. I save any mistake renders that I think look cool, or any process stuff that might be interesting. It’s been a little while since my last post and the folder is starting to feel a little backed up,  so here’s a massive post-dump.

Some of the coloring is coming back in. The first is an example of the final look, the rest are happy accidents:

51_Headwound_ECU (0-00-00-21)
39_Bottle Grab_COLOR posterized sky 18_Airboat Tracking_COLOR (0-00-00-06)
39_Bottle Grab_Beetle

This is a new shot I’m probably going to add, if time permits:


And the rest is all hallucination sequence madness.

Bill Heads

I had scheduled 1 day to finalize the hallucination sequence. It’s taken me 2 weeks:


composting screenshots

composting screenshots1 composting screenshots2

2_Color Mattes _1_Master Comp (0-00-00-21)


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