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Poster 1 - Striated

Spent all day illustrating a poster of PALM ROT but I just can’t make the composition work. Or the colors. It worked so well in my head. The poster up top just feels kind of lazy. Right now I think the best option is still the stamp I designed 2 years ago.

Bill in water_poster_3

Bill in water_poster_4 Poster 2 - Stamp 2

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 A year after we upload it, Danger Island gets a Vimeo Staff Pick! It just blazed past 10k views in a single day!

DI - Staff Pick


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PALM ROT PICTURE IS DONE – Trailer & Process

Finally finished with PALM ROT.
Minus some minor sound stuff, it’s good to go – so I’m already submitting to festivals.

Right now I’m cleaning house on some process stuff laying around the apartment, but before I toss it, I’m gonna digitize it.

I made this packet before I started production last June so that I’d be able to keep my head on straight over the next 13 months.

     It’s interesting to go through this thing again, because after I got into the swing of production I stopped referring to it. I’d come up against problems in certain scenes and think I was real clever for solving them, but in almost every case I’d written down the solution a year ago.

   And because I love behind-the-scenes featurettes, here are some gifs that show the progress of particularly troublesome comps:





A few of the last cool render-errors:

Master Comp 3 (0-00-39-08)3

Master Comp 3 (0-00-43-05)

Last thing – when I was home for my birthday back in June my brother Phil gave me the original crate that inspired my thesis.

bottle comparison 1

These jars were filled with flies that went to SPACE.

bottle comparison

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