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I don’t know why but I love stamps. I also love animating. I love stamps and animating. So for the past two years I’ve had this fantasy of designing a stamp that I could use to identify stacks of animation paper, folders of relevant material, contracts, ALL the clerical shit. Something about stamps makes clerical shit seem romantic. Anyway- for my thesis I’ve gone and done it:

I was gonna carve the stamp myself out of this linoleum kit my mom bought me a couple years back- but I’m pretty bad at carving- and I wanted a stamp that I didn’t have to roll with ink. When I decided to PAY for the stamp to be made- I thought I’d push the limits and add some real thin line-work in there.
It arrived today and I’m super pleased with the results. A cool stamp and a badass laser-etched? wooden block background to help me identify it.
Now I actually have to make my thesis so I can stamp it.

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My old buddy and animation brother Jesse James Dean just graduated from the Academy of the Arts up in San Francisco. The only person in his year to present a finished work in time to graduate. Because he’s a man that keep his promises. Here’s Meat Pops:

He and I both realized we wanted to be in animation at the same time. The dude is going to be successful. Katie and I went up to San Fran last weekend to see his graduation screening chill with our other buddies. It was an awesome 2 days. Here is a random assortment of pics:

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   I went off the grid for a little while to produce the animatic for my thesis. I usually never bring my animatics to this level- but Peter Chung and Jennifer Yuh Nelson have both infected my brain with the quality of their work and I spent an entire week in a chair drawing my thesis. Here it is in order:

And here it is ALL AT ONCE:

Boards-Contact Sheet-1_small

     It took forever, but it was totally worth it. I feel like I’ve already finished my thesis- now it’s just filling in the spaces. Two days ago I showed it to the faculty, got officially approved, and I start production in JUNE. Here’s one of my favorite stills:

_Clean Boards_5.9.13

AAAAAAAAND the slides I used to present my thesis to the review board:

review presentaiton

Another design for Bill:


Eventually I want to make it more simple and more gestural. I’m going to start animation tests and style frames on Monday. Right now I’m relaxing and collecting neck-wrinkle data:

neck study_small

LASTLY- I’m designing some stamps for my thesis. Don’t know why- I just like stamps:

stamps stamp3

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Some video diddlin





Messing around with some of the features in CS6. Stabilized this footage of Katie in After Effects, rendered out each frame individually, then ran a batch action of this new ‘Oil’ filter in photoshop. It’s interesting. I mean, it looks like a silly photoshop filter- but I think it’s sort of mesmerizing when applied to video. Make sure to watch it HD, otherwise it just looks out of focus:

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board note2_for blog

It’s happening

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