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Danger Island Pre-Production

This here’s a style-board from the project I’m working on with Andrew Malek. It’s going to be a mixture of 2D and Stop-motion with a lot of in-camera effects, so we’re experimenting with ways to make it as cohesive as possible.

Some early boards:

And here’s a little progress shot of Andrew’s work on THE BEAST:

It’s only a fraction of the way done, and it’s already the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. Tomorrow Katie and I see Looper with the director at USC! Then I’ll probably post some character design.

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B&W Still Frame Editing Assignment

      A 30 second editing assignment for a 555 class. What I made is dumb, but as Simon pointed out, I can put any animal into a tiny circle, and I look like a scientist.

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wacom test


Trying to wrap my head around wacom tablets and photoshop animation.

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Danger Island Inspiration Boardz

Just a collection of some images I’m trying to keep in mind for my future collaboration with   my classmate Andrew Malek.

Pictures from aencre, harryhausen, kahn&selesnick, sugimoto, jean painleve, and then some personal photos.

Also: Katie and I were watching Sunset Boulevard last week, and I took a screen shot and end up with this weird mixed frame. I thought it was kind of beautiful, especially with the pink on the other monitor. Long story short, I like this image, I have no idea what to do with it, so it’s going on the blog.

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I’ll be updating some animation business soon- an exciting collaboration project coming up- Hopefully I’ll get to some serious drawing tonight as well. Until then, I went a half-day exploratory mission of Downtown LA with a few buddddies for a B&W photo assignment. I’m not a very good photographer- but anything is better than radio silence as far as I’m concerned.

 I think of few of those turned out. I saw a ton of LA I hadn’t seen before at least. MORE TO COME.

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