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Dog dangling kind of day

I feel good- I feel energized. A lot of my peers are WAY better than me. It’s like having daily reminders of how hard I need to work. Animating is much more fun than I anticipated. Truthfully, I was worried I might hate the tedium of it, I was worried it would affect my drawing, but it’s just a different way of thinking. Above is another drawing I did for that video game- a lip-synch assignment is on it’s way.

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Sketchbook Dump

Just finished one of my tiny sketchpads- now that I’ve got a BLOG, there’s a place to dump my sketches! Here are some of the pages:

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Barley Roto and Cublic Update

Here is a rotoscoping experiment I did with some footage of my dog, Barley. I don’t think I like it. I mean- it’s neat to see my drawings move that well- but I can’t really justify the amount of time I spent working. It looks JUST like the video, so what’s the point? Either way it’s a cool shot because I could draw her changing from gallop to walk:

I think I’d need to modify the source images to make this worthwhile. But it was a fine experiment. I’m going to focus on animating by watching rather than tracing, though.

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1 Hour Assignment- Sasquatch

The animation in this is seriously awful.

The 1 hour assignment this week was to create a rudimentary puppet and set. I had some lofty plans for the set until I realized that I was probably approaching the assignment in the absolute wrong way. We only have 1 hour with the camera, that includes time to set up and get out. So I decided to make a REALLY basic puppet, and REALLY basic set, and just focus on making the animation look right. Just make the puppet move well.

Somehow I ended up doing the opposite of what I set out to do: I made the set 20 minutes before I had to get started out of paper and some plants, and it ended up being the most interesting part of the animation. The Sasquatch puppet was very poorly made, so I couldn’t really move him properly.

I did manage to get off a cool sequence of handheld shots, though. So the experiment wasn’t a failure. After I edited the whole thing, and even gave it some titles, it all just kind of looked like a polished turd. I wasn’t going to post it.

BUUUUUUUUUT- I ended up kind of liking this stupid video. Props to my dad for giving my brother and me this ridiculous monkey as a stocking stuffer 5 years ago. I think its face is the only reason I like the sasquatch at all. I mean look at this thing:

So anyway, here is my dumb project:

UPDATE:Katie saw this video and immediately thought of this song, so I added it to the video. I think they were made for each other.

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Gator Study and Limpy Walk Cycle

Quadruped Walk Cycle week! I’ve tried to cram a lot into these past few days. The result isn’t anything particularly awesome, but I definitely learned a lot. Hopefully soon I’ll upload a rotoscope of my dog Barley I did.
A lot of activity around school, the animation show of shows last night and a free screening of TinTin on Sunday. I’m trying to reconcile my illustrative drawing with animation here on this alligator, but I’m not sure about the results. It seems to stiffen up the movement:
I found this video of an alligator walking for reference:

But I was having trouble understanding what all 4 legs were doing at once, so I edited the video into this thing below:

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