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Still working- Not blowing minds, though

This assignment was fun- but it didn’t really yield anything super exciting. Our professor gave us all the key-frames, and we had to do the in-betweens. You can see the difference in the flickering- some of the little bean characters have dark photo-copy lines. My drawings were in pencil. We had to add a cape in as well- which was the only part of the assignment that left any room for interpretation- but I didn’t really try anything too creative.
Essentially- if everybody followed the teacher’s frame guide correctly, we’ll all be turning in 15 identical assignments that look just like this:

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Game concept art

I signed up to help a group of programming undergrads (I think they’re in the engineering program) with this video game they’re developing. Things are still kind of vague right now, but they want me to design a dog character. Labradorish- helper dogs. But before I dive into that, I’m trying to see if they’d be interested in using a breed of dog that would be more fun to draw:

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Cross-Country Stereograms

I just added a new, nausea-inducing video page dedicated to all the stereogram video Katie and I shot on our drive from Florida to California here. Here are two of my favorite stereos from the footage:

(You've gotta click them to get the stereo-simulation)
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Cross Country StereoGrams

EDIT 1/23/14:
If you’re interested in seeing the stereo videos, you need to get a stereo viewer. They’re pretty great.

Summer 2011 I drove from Hollywood, FL to Los Angeles, CA with my girlfriend Katie. A few months before my mom had helped me rig a stereogram system with using 2 flip cameras, here are some of the video experiments in chronological order along with some gifs for everyone else who doesn’t have a stereogram viewer. If you’re going to watch the videos, make sure they’re running at 720p, full screen, and with the audio turned down. (some times I scream in them to help me sync the image):

Driving in Florida:

Some Stills:


Saguaro National Forest, Tucson, AZ:

Some Stills:


Jet Graveyard, Tucson, AZ:

Some Stills:


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Cut-out Assignment

Wednesday I pulled my first all-nighter. I’m still reeling from it. Staying up all night wasn’t even necessary. I was just starting to feel like I was falling behind, and decided to nip it in the bud. I still feel like I’m falling behind now. But less so.

Anyway, our assignment last week was to perform a cut out animation under the oxberry in 1 hour. I got excited and way too ambitious, stayed up all night. But an hour is still an hour, so here is what I ended up with:

Not so great, but hopefully I’ll upload a modified version. Here are some pictures of the cutouts and the background:

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