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Updated Panorama

This the updated final landscape:

I don’t know if we’re actually going to be animating these panoramas after all- but I did it as an experiment today anyway. Before- I’ve animated parallax manually, but here I’ve put 9 different photoshop layers in 3D space, then just animated a virtual camera. I plan to add some moving lizards and an airplane soon:

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I had to make a multi-layered background for class. Next week I think we’re going to animate it.

After I was done drawing this I realized it looked just like a series of photographs my mom made a while back. But I worked in a Terex HR-16, so there is a little bit of me in there too.

I plan on animating some lizards and an airplane in there. The sky has to change too. It’s generic and awful:

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The Leaf

A year ago my friend Jesse went of to grad school for animation, and during his first few weeks he emailed me his leaf-dropping assignment. I think this project is kind of like a rite of passage for all beginning animators:

I was really surprised how much I enjoyed drawing this. It’s not perfect, but the whole animating process felt organic, not mechanical. Entering week 4 and I’m just getting more excited.


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Flip Book/Zoetrope Assignments

One of the flipbooks from my first week's homework!

Above is just a stream of all the flipbook images, back to back. Below I used After Effect’s pixel motion to create unique meld-frames in between all of my drawn meld frames. Normally pixel motion has some really bizarre artifacts, but it worked pretty well for this project.: 

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Breaking the Ice

My home for the next 3 years

Okay-  trying to get this first post out of the way quick. Get the first one and the rest will come easy. Above is my cubicle at USC, I’m about to start my 3rd week of Grad school and I’ve been working on this site for way longer than I intended.

1 post a week is what I’m committing to. Trying to get an online presence, and make myself accountable for more work.

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