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All the freelance is over, but this critical studies class I’m taking has replaced it in terms of stress inducing time consumption. Luckily I’m taking the class with my other animators, so I get to study-with/look-at them. The midterm was on Monday, and I’m scrambling right now to catch up on Thesis.  I’ve finally finally finally gotten to the first scene with a beetle:


I wanted to visually separate the beetles from the rest of the film as soon as they’re introduced. The first step of that is animating them differently, but I was having trouble breaking away from the sort of stiff character animation I’ve been doing for 4 months. So I went back and pulled frames from this old puddy test I did last year.

Here are s’more stills from this week’s scenes:

27_Beetle in Palm_1 (0-00-00-01)


24_fixated bill-standup V3


28_Beetle in Palm2 (0-00-00-20)



My next goal is to get on this Inktober truck that Jesse‘s on, making an ink drawing every day in October. If I can manage to keep up my drawing outside of thesis, I think I can avoid the otherwise inevitable relearning-how-to-draw-for-fun phase that has plagued me after every production thus far. I’m already 10 days behind, but I figure the busier I am, the less time I’ll spend dicking around on the internet.

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I just just JUST finished the freelance project that I took on back in July. It had my thesis on hold for the past 2 weeks, and a week before THAT my thesis was on hold as I finished the mini-bible for cartoon network.

So for the past 3 weeks I’ve been working non-stop on a lot of stuff that I’m really proud of, and I can’t show any of it off.
I’m not sure how long until this stuff is declassified, but until then I’ll have to settle for posting this skull thing I made while screwing around with plugins in after effects. Also, here’s a slitscan of the animatic I made:


But here’s the BEST news: I thought I was 2 weeks behind on my thesis. But it turns out that I accounted for this Freelance work! I’m right on schedule!


Now I’m back in the saddle. Not overwhelmed. I can respond to emails and phone calls. Maybe go out and see the sun. Things are looking up.

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3rd Year Cubicle Shot

My last year at USC started on Monday, so here’s a panoramic shot to commemorate the room I’ve spent so much time in:

 I started this blog with a photo of the my brand new cubicles here at USC- and I took another picture at the beginning of last year- so it’s tradition.

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WALL A (0-00-00-00)_1_1

work work workin’ on that freelance I can’t talk about.

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Just finished scene 14, if I can kill scene 15 tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be back on schedule. Almost 25% through production on this behemoth!


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