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1 Hour-Charcoal

Here’s another 1 hour assignment for CTAN-544. We had to work with either paint on glass- or with a single charcoal drawing, Kentridge style. I chose charcoal:

The charcoal method is pretty limited animation, you erase and redraw rather than making completely new drawings for every frame. I had bigger plans for this thing- but the hour limitation killed me once again. It was fun though.

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Cut-out Assignment

Wednesday I pulled my first all-nighter. I’m still reeling from it. Staying up all night wasn’t even necessary. I was just starting to feel like I was falling behind, and decided to nip it in the bud. I still feel like I’m falling behind now. But less so.

Anyway, our assignment last week was to perform a cut out animation under the oxberry in 1 hour. I got excited and way too ambitious, stayed up all night. But an hour is still an hour, so here is what I ended up with:

Not so great, but hopefully I’ll upload a modified version. Here are some pictures of the cutouts and the background:

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New One Hour Stop-motion

We had an hour under the Oxberry to imbue an inanimate object with emotion. Weirdly enough there were two other projects that had a similar dynamic, little thing irritating a big thing.
Then for a different class we had to take our 1 hour animation and modify it with the computer:

I kind of broke my cardinal rule here. I tossed this project aside like homework because we only had 1 hour to work on it, but Katie liked it and told me to post it. She was the voice actor too.

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