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2 weeks ago I noticed a narrow recess in between the cubicles at USC, so I shoved my head in there to see what it was all about. I’ve been working on my thesis for over a year now, and my brain is starting to look for other projects to focus it’s attention on, so I ended up fixating on this:

photo 2

Original measurements and Concept art.

 I wanted to make the 7.5″-wide recess a vacation for the brain, and I also didn’t want to spend any time or money, so I made a mural for the back wall, used some old christmas lights, styrofoam, t-shirts and ugly party beads. Katie helped convert the beads into a bead curtain:


Here it is after the install:


Installation help from Andrew Malek.


Now, with my dream realized and my legacy at USC securely fixed,  I can move back to thesis reinvigorated and distraction-free.


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2014 Work-Space Update



In the grand tradition of procrastination-motivated blog posts, here is another update of the at-home workstation I spend all of my waking hours on. It’s an makeshift double desk Katie and I put together out her Otis desk, a filing cabinet, and of two planks of wood left over from Danger Island.

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It’s been a brutal month and a half. November almost killed me. Storyboarded 150 panels for the development deal, wrote a research paper, gave a sweaty stuttering presentation on it, stayed on schedule with my thesis, and tried to keep up a drawing practice. I fell short on the last one. Most of my drawing these days look like this:


That’s a scribble, and some clues about what to draw later. For that reason, I don’t really have anything exciting to post. So to keep up my readership of 12 hits a month, I’m going to focus on Katie, who’s spent a couple weeks building a toilet:



She has a show coming up in February and she’s redoing the bathroom with all hand-built parts. It’s gonna be awesome.

December is gonna be good though. Gonna rip through this thesis, get some drawing done, get some gator teeth, get some some beer in me, get some sleep.

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I just just JUST finished the freelance project that I took on back in July. It had my thesis on hold for the past 2 weeks, and a week before THAT my thesis was on hold as I finished the mini-bible for cartoon network.

So for the past 3 weeks I’ve been working non-stop on a lot of stuff that I’m really proud of, and I can’t show any of it off.
I’m not sure how long until this stuff is declassified, but until then I’ll have to settle for posting this skull thing I made while screwing around with plugins in after effects. Also, here’s a slitscan of the animatic I made:


But here’s the BEST news: I thought I was 2 weeks behind on my thesis. But it turns out that I accounted for this Freelance work! I’m right on schedule!


Now I’m back in the saddle. Not overwhelmed. I can respond to emails and phone calls. Maybe go out and see the sun. Things are looking up.

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