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2012 Friendsgiving Mega-post

Took some days off that I couldn’t afford- but it was woooorth it. Friendsgiving in Santa Barbara with sweet sweet buddies.

There are a LOT of photos from that weekend. BUT- I’m just gonna try and post stuff that’s vaguely art related.

Goleta was beautiful. The ocean was always covered in a thick layer of fog- it was surreal. We saw it from the mountains and it completely obscured the water like a blanket.

We found this dead Pelican and I made a 3D model of it by taking pictures with my phone. WITH MY PHOOONE.

Make sure to press 3D view to check it out:

There was also an adorable cat that I sketched a few times:

And LASTLY – here is a low-poly displacement map I exported from maya. I bring this up because it sounds impressive, and also because I’m kind of interested in this weird medallion thing. I’ve gotta figure out why.

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Back from Colorado


Back to work.

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Workspace udpate

My work space progression is evolving. This is also a subtle tribute to Mr. Buffalo 

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Red Rock Panoramics

I went to Red Rock last weekend to get some panoramics to use in 3D space. The whole class went and some of us camped out which was fun as hell. Also- got this book in the mail!

Which I hope will be awesome

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Cubicle Update Photo

          I almost forgot that I wanted to do this. At the beginning of my first year at USC I posted a photo of my cubicle.

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