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The former-CEO of Naughty Dog Studios is a professor at USC now, and he just did the voice over for our animation! AGH!

He was an incredibly nice guy- an awesome actor- and totally game to do anything to help out. We were talking about what we were looking for in the voice over and he was shooting back questions about the time period, the region of England and class of the character, and then was adjusting his voice accordingly. We ended up on something he described as a Demented Attenborough.

Better than we ever could have hoped for.

Anyway- 2 weeks left in the semester and a months left of work to do. Right now starts a 72 hour animat-a-thon

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Bird Gifs for everyone

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Beach Shoot Day

I forgot to upload these after the shoot happened- time is starting to crunch. But here are some photos from the beach shoot-day:

The jury-rigged track seemed to simple when I imagined it- but we ended up hot-gluing magazines together and using a microwave to set it up right.

Andrew, lord of succulents:

All lit up:

I took a cruddy panoramic shot of the whole set-up in the apartment. The quality is bad, but you can at least understand that there was shit everywhere :

And this here is what the footage looks like after we gave it some of the business:


Andrew has been working feverishly to birth this thing from his mind. Now it LIVES.

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Danger Island – sc02 – woman_v2


Animating is going well! This gif runs a little fast, but I think the movement is right. The only problem is that it took me most of the day. Turns out I’m a ponderously slow animator.

I’ve got to animate a bird and a the man this weekend too. And I’m SCHEDULED to clean-up and start coloring too. But thinking about that makes me very sleepy.


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Animating Animating Animating

KEYS! I’m pretty rusty – but this is fun. I keep wanting to push my keys- but for some reason it just doesn’t happen. I have to really keep my mind about me and make a concerted effort while I’m drawing so that the animation isn’t stiff.

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