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Danger Island Character Design

Some Character Design. I’ve really got to learn how to simplify shapes for animation, but still keep the design interesting, or at least in my style. Lots more work to do. Gotta work ’til I’m dead.

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Danger Island Pre-Production

This here’s a style-board from the project I’m working on with Andrew Malek. It’s going to be a mixture of 2D and Stop-motion with a lot of in-camera effects, so we’re experimenting with ways to make it as cohesive as possible.

Some early boards:

And here’s a little progress shot of Andrew’s work on THE BEAST:

It’s only a fraction of the way done, and it’s already the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. Tomorrow Katie and I see Looper with the director at USC! Then I’ll probably post some character design.

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Danger Island Inspiration Boardz

Just a collection of some images I’m trying to keep in mind for my future collaboration with   my classmate Andrew Malek.

Pictures from aencre, harryhausen, kahn&selesnick, sugimoto, jean painleve, and then some personal photos.

Also: Katie and I were watching Sunset Boulevard last week, and I took a screen shot and end up with this weird mixed frame. I thought it was kind of beautiful, especially with the pink on the other monitor. Long story short, I like this image, I have no idea what to do with it, so it’s going on the blog.

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