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Escape Velocity

It took me until after break to upload this because I was kind of hated it. But now that a few weeks have passed, I forgot my original expectations and uuuuuuh- it’s not so bad! My friends here in the program call it Diarrhea Rocket.
New Year now- big expectations- I am very excited.

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Quick Testshots

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Multiplane first pictures

First picture taken with the proper camera (compliments of USC) on the multiplane.
I’ve got my animating station all prepared:

Now there’s nothing left to do, but do it. Just make this:

Look like this:

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Procrastination Blog

I’m chugging my way through animating the rocket’s smoke. I was going to only do 10 seconds then loop it- but I’m going to see how much of the smoke I can make unique before I run out of steam. My home system is developing though:

On the left is my homemade light table, Katie got a new laptop from her job so I can have entertainment AND do pencil tests with my new dinky pencil test station:

It’s awful looking, but it works. I’m using a free stop-mo program called MonkeyJam. It gets the job done:

Two seconds of smoked done, 55 or so to go.

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Escape Velocity Animatic

I think it ends up around 1,740 frames. But deduct about 170 frames for the titles (that I’m going to do in the computer due to time constraints) and divide the remaining number by 2 since I’ll be shooting on 2’s, and that ends up being about 785 pictures. 785 to take from Friday until Monday. That’s only 261 pictures a day! AGGHman I hope I can pull this off.
Making the animatic has helped a lot- I feel like I’ve already ironed out some kinks I would have come across. The sound in this video is temporary- I’m going to make it a lot more interesting.
And now, mostly for myself, a list of events in the animation that I don’t really know how to accomplish yet:

  • Lens Flare (maybe pointing an actual light at the camera?)
  • Space radiation and meteorites (paint on glass?)
  • Color bands at the very end (paint on glass and colored gels? print outs and colored gels?)
  • Lighting in general

And a list of the changes to make:

  • Increase camera hang-time in exosphere
  • Increase speed of fall after hang-time
  • Fill frame completely with red for final color band
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