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Style Frames and Character Design

palm rocket3

Working on some style frames before I tart production. The final product probably won’t turn out exactly like this. But this kind of stuff is important because after 6 months of animation, after I’ve lost my mind, I’ll be able to remember some of my intentions.

I think i’m going to spend a lot more time on the clouds for the final product- like my old marker drawings. Here are some color variations and another frame:

palm rocket1

palm rocket2

palm rocket4

billandbeetle upshot

Some thumbnailing in the sketchbook:



Sketches for a scene that I’m adding before the title card:

new scene

Now, for my own benefit, I’m going to write down what’s coming next:

Tonight I make my detailed production schedule. Tomorrow I do animation tests to figure out my production process and shading technique. Maybe do some marker cloud studies. If I do all of that before 5, I may have time to work on a gif to submit to loopdeloop.

Lastly- good ol’ Andrew is going to fabricate his puppets for his thesis. Here are some clean-ups I did of some of his puppet designs:

EPSON MFP imagesasquatch_2

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Some Extracurricular work

It felt like I had some spare time on my hands a few weeks ago, so I decided to obliterate it, and I took on a little bit of extracurricular work. First is a animation that’s going to be projected on an 8 foot wide inflatable balloon at a Visual Music event at USC in a month:

It’s some kaleidescopic imagery made out of vegetable MRI’s that a “Boston based technologist” Andy Ellison has been putting out on the internet. I think they’re amazing. The first repeating sequence is garlic, and when everything turns into solid white circles in the middle, you’re looking at grapes.
Second up is some work I’m doing on a 3rd year MFA’s thesis. Lisa Chung is unbelievably positive friendly and her thesis is going to turn out beautiful, so I’m happy to be a part of it. Plus I get to get more familiar with Flash. This is only my second pass, and there hasn’t been a clean-up yet, but it’s fun to work with these lump monsters instead of my usual fat old men. Which I guess aren’t that different.

I’ll post the final version when I’m done with it- but here’s version 4:

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HBO Title Sequence

I can’t believe I forgot to post this. Here is title sequence I made this past summer for the amazing Cami Pelaez‘s HBO project. There’s only 5 seconds of animation in there- but it took me a week to design the cards, and 2 days just to figure out the rig to make them flip. Props to my mom for helping me design and build it.

It looks better if you upgrade the quality to HD- the animation starts after 11 seconds. I’m really happy that I got to do it.

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More Dog Concepts

Those video-game boys needed the dog to be perfectly symmetric, so it was difficult not to make this dog not look handicapped. I’m not sure if I succeeded.

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More Concept Art

Big WEEK- Katie’s family was here for the last week and they took us around to a lot of the cool places I’ve been wanting to visit. Tomorrow I go the Academy for a centennial tribute to Mary Blair. I’ve gotta get dressed up and I think there’re going to be free appetizers. THEN a bizarrely elaborate Halloween party on Saturday, a free LACMA field trip on Sunday, a lot of cool movies being played and nothing but animating to be done in between. This is a cool plaaaace.

ANYWAY- Here are some more finished drawings for that team of engineers. I’m not super excited about the content, but they’re getting me to draw things I wouldn’t be normally. The color’s just more practice with light- I’m trying to color like I would with markers.

There’s a screwy sign in this first one- the game has to do with dementia, so I didn’t think it made sense to have details like text and signage to be so finite.

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