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This here’s a loop from an animated exquisite corpse I’m participating in. The theme was LA, and I made this drawing of my kitchen window.  I had a few more complicated ideas I might post later, but this city’s got a lot of flies, and people need to know.

You can’t leave the window open for a second.

Anyway- I’ve been working at Titmouse for 5 weeks now. I’m just starting to settle into a routine that leaves me with enough energy to work at home. Expect some new work uploaded soon.

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PALM ROT PICTURE IS DONE – Trailer & Process

Finally finished with PALM ROT.
Minus some minor sound stuff, it’s good to go – so I’m already submitting to festivals.

Right now I’m cleaning house on some process stuff laying around the apartment, but before I toss it, I’m gonna digitize it.

I made this packet before I started production last June so that I’d be able to keep my head on straight over the next 13 months.

     It’s interesting to go through this thing again, because after I got into the swing of production I stopped referring to it. I’d come up against problems in certain scenes and think I was real clever for solving them, but in almost every case I’d written down the solution a year ago.

   And because I love behind-the-scenes featurettes, here are some gifs that show the progress of particularly troublesome comps:





A few of the last cool render-errors:

Master Comp 3 (0-00-39-08)3

Master Comp 3 (0-00-43-05)

Last thing – when I was home for my birthday back in June my brother Phil gave me the original crate that inspired my thesis.

bottle comparison 1

These jars were filled with flies that went to SPACE.

bottle comparison

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50_Baptism zoom (0-00-21-23)

49_Airboat Take Off_v2


Been toying around with adding a -.01% lens distortion on the wider shots. I think it works as a subtle glaze on top of the final composite.

The only reason I have the time to muck around with finishing touches like this is because animation brother and all around generous person Jesse James Dean has offered to help me finish coloring the last few shots before my defense on Wednesday. Now all the can bottles haves sparkles. Thank god.



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Bill at 500mph Life-cycle


I think these three things pretty much sum up my thesis.

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