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Spring Break this week. I spent the first 4 days applying for a storyboarding internship at DreamWorks. I had only scheduled 1 day to do it, but ended up making a new batch of storyboards just for the application.

Now it’s back to thesis. Thesis until May.



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Finally getting into the hallucination sequence is exciting, but it’s kind of turned production into molasses. There is a lot of decision making to be done, which hasn’t been a part of doing my thesis for 9 months. Hopefully it’ll be good.

Anyway- I keep a folder called ‘blog’ on my desktop. I save any mistake renders that I think look cool, or any process stuff that might be interesting. It’s been a little while since my last post and the folder is starting to feel a little backed up,  so here’s a massive post-dump.

Some of the coloring is coming back in. The first is an example of the final look, the rest are happy accidents:

51_Headwound_ECU (0-00-00-21)
39_Bottle Grab_COLOR posterized sky 18_Airboat Tracking_COLOR (0-00-00-06)
39_Bottle Grab_Beetle

This is a new shot I’m probably going to add, if time permits:


And the rest is all hallucination sequence madness.

Bill Heads

I had scheduled 1 day to finalize the hallucination sequence. It’s taken me 2 weeks:


composting screenshots

composting screenshots1 composting screenshots2

2_Color Mattes _1_Master Comp (0-00-00-21)


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For seminar this semester we all have to participate in this gigantic projection-mapping project based on the works of Lewis Carroll. My idea was to set up the facade to look like a level from pacman, except have all the dots be oysters, and pacman be a chomping walrus.

BUT I didn’t exactly have a ton of time to execute this, so I ripped off frames from an existing animation. POINTS to whoever can figure it out., and here a tip: it wasn’t originally a walrus.

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Getting shots back from my colorists! Thesis is slowly solidifying.

14_Bill_extreme OTS_for coloring (0-00-00-00)


Finished this shot today. It’s right after Bill’s hand get’s crushed in the bottle and it explodes all over the boat, then the engine starts to rev off screen. That’s why Bill is making this ‘WHUUUUH?” expression. Trivia: Bill was originally named Cachorro, based on some stories about an exterminator I had heard from my grandfather. But in my research I learned that cachorro(a) mean puppy, or cub, and it didn’t seem to fit any more. So I ended up naming him after one of my and Katie’s uncles.

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All the freelance is over, but this critical studies class I’m taking has replaced it in terms of stress inducing time consumption. Luckily I’m taking the class with my other animators, so I get to study-with/look-at them. The midterm was on Monday, and I’m scrambling right now to catch up on Thesis.  I’ve finally finally finally gotten to the first scene with a beetle:


I wanted to visually separate the beetles from the rest of the film as soon as they’re introduced. The first step of that is animating them differently, but I was having trouble breaking away from the sort of stiff character animation I’ve been doing for 4 months. So I went back and pulled frames from this old puddy test I did last year.

Here are s’more stills from this week’s scenes:

27_Beetle in Palm_1 (0-00-00-01)


24_fixated bill-standup V3


28_Beetle in Palm2 (0-00-00-20)



My next goal is to get on this Inktober truck that Jesse‘s on, making an ink drawing every day in October. If I can manage to keep up my drawing outside of thesis, I think I can avoid the otherwise inevitable relearning-how-to-draw-for-fun phase that has plagued me after every production thus far. I’m already 10 days behind, but I figure the busier I am, the less time I’ll spend dicking around on the internet.

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