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Man this takes a really long time. A REALLY LONG TIME.

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It’s getting out to crunch time. A week until Picture lock. All of my other classes have things due right now as well, so this next week is going to be nothing but pain. So here is some random stuff: A video I made as an experiment for a future project-

    A loop of a fat dude walking for Documentary Animation. 7 drawings without pencil tests. It’s not perfect, but animating is definitely coming more naturally.

In OTHER news- Naughty Dog is coming out with a video game called The Last of Us and it’s about cordyceps fungus taking control over the human race. SHIT!

I was pretty bummed out about this news. Especially because the fungus monster above looks pretty awesome. But I watched the trailer and the game is going down an extremely well-trodden path of survival horror. Abandoned cities overgrown with plants, and the fungus monsters are exactly like zombies. It’s all shit we’ve seen 100 times before, so the fungus is more of a gimmick for the genre. So hopefully there’ll still be room for my little animation this this world.

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20 Days Until Picture Lock

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The Fungus- 42 days until Picture lock

Using reference videos to try and get some better motion in this first scene. Katie was an awesome help with this. She pretty much figured out how my body would move if I had gotten hit by this car. You can see her on the left force-pivoting my hips.
The shot that this little piece is for has taken about 4 days to do- and it’s still not completely finished. You can see where it’s headed over here:

More work to do, but I have to move on. Loose-ends are for loose-ends-week. I’m a week behind right now and I have to start chugging. AGHHHHHHIT’s fun though. A lot more updating on the way if I can find the time. Some new stereo video from Joshua Tree National Park- and more animated fungal madness.

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