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Production 1- 51 days until picture lock

An appetizer!

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I’ve been drawing a ton of barbarians lately. Jesse James Dean made an awesome gif. He also introduced me to Mr. Buffalo. I’ve got barbarian on the brain, so I’m going to do push-ups and watch The 13th Warrior later.

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Snake Loop

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Weekend Pencil Tests

I’ve got a lot of little things rolling around in my head. We’re getting a lot of practice here, but the curriculum is moving so quickly that there isn’t a lot of time to retry assignments that I may not have gotten quite right. This weekend I made a point of getting a lot of drawing done and returning to some little assignments. Allow me to critique my work:
I wanted to push some squash and stretch basics with the lizard gallop. But the movement is unnatural and I think I could push it even more.

The fatman strut I did to focus on secondary animation, I wanted to see if I could make his gut jiggle. Surprisingly, this one was the only really successful test. When I was drawing the frames I was dubious.

Lastly is the chicken. I wanted to animate a snapping motion. I don’t really know what happened there. I know it’s a failure, but I like it.

Feels like things are piling up all of a sudden- but in a good way. I’ve got some work finally! I’m drawing in my off time! Checking out LA in my OFF OFF time! Trying to manage my class-load as efficiently as possible- and the other day we made potato leek soup! Everything is alllllllriiiiight

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Gator Study and Limpy Walk Cycle

Quadruped Walk Cycle week! I’ve tried to cram a lot into these past few days. The result isn’t anything particularly awesome, but I definitely learned a lot. Hopefully soon I’ll upload a rotoscope of my dog Barley I did.
A lot of activity around school, the animation show of shows last night and a free screening of TinTin on Sunday. I’m trying to reconcile my illustrative drawing with animation here on this alligator, but I’m not sure about the results. It seems to stiffen up the movement:
I found this video of an alligator walking for reference:

But I was having trouble understanding what all 4 legs were doing at once, so I edited the video into this thing below:

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