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1 Hour-Charcoal

Here’s another 1 hour assignment for CTAN-544. We had to work with either paint on glass- or with a single charcoal drawing, Kentridge style. I chose charcoal:

The charcoal method is pretty limited animation, you erase and redraw rather than making completely new drawings for every frame. I had bigger plans for this thing- but the hour limitation killed me once again. It was fun though.

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Still working- Not blowing minds, though

This assignment was fun- but it didn’t really yield anything super exciting. Our professor gave us all the key-frames, and we had to do the in-betweens. You can see the difference in the flickering- some of the little bean characters have dark photo-copy lines. My drawings were in pencil. We had to add a cape in as well- which was the only part of the assignment that left any room for interpretation- but I didn’t really try anything too creative.
Essentially- if everybody followed the teacher’s frame guide correctly, we’ll all be turning in 15 identical assignments that look just like this:

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Cross-Country Stereograms

I just added a new, nausea-inducing video page dedicated to all the stereogram video Katie and I shot on our drive from Florida to California here. Here are two of my favorite stereos from the footage:

(You've gotta click them to get the stereo-simulation)
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Cross Country StereoGrams

EDIT 1/23/14:
If you’re interested in seeing the stereo videos, you need to get a stereo viewer. They’re pretty great.

Summer 2011 I drove from Hollywood, FL to Los Angeles, CA with my girlfriend Katie. A few months before my mom had helped me rig a stereogram system with using 2 flip cameras, here are some of the video experiments in chronological order along with some gifs for everyone else who doesn’t have a stereogram viewer. If you’re going to watch the videos, make sure they’re running at 720p, full screen, and with the audio turned down. (some times I scream in them to help me sync the image):

Driving in Florida:

Some Stills:


Saguaro National Forest, Tucson, AZ:

Some Stills:


Jet Graveyard, Tucson, AZ:

Some Stills:


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Walk Cycle Assignment

Our assignment last week was a walk cycle. These didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but they were fun. I tried to do something besides a standard walk, but I think that’s where I went wrong. I should have regular walking down pat before I start to screw with it. The rotating head in the center was just to see how it would look.

These are my practice frames. I animated straight through instead of doing keyframes. It’s interesting most of the time, it feels more natural, but I realize now that it doesn’t work for loops because your final drawings don’t look much like the drawing you started out with.

So this weekend I want to see if I can do some more walk-cycles, get more weight to them, have them feel more natural. I plan to have MANY more things rotating in space if I can as well, it’s really satisfying to see if it’s done well.

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