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Some Jellyfish

I don’t know if I played too much pokemon as a kid or what, but I relaly love the polyp stage of jellyfish. The early stage of metamorphosis in any animal. Metamorphosis! What cool fucking thing!

This is a cool thing also:

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Lizard Wizard

Character Design Exercise! I got a few other wizards, but they didn’t turn out as well:

What I REALLY need to do, is get to some animating. This guy’s lookin pretty stiff.

Next update’ll be wigglier.

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NC Sketchbook Dump

Just got back from a week in North Carolina. I drew 12 hours a day, twice in a row. Feel REAL good about it. I’m gonna ride this wave- draw until I’m dead.

the crystal tyrant! His heart is a pink gorilla skull.

Might make that last one a stamp.

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Octopus Amulet & Old Poster

This is an old drawing, but I just came across it on my dropbox. I’ve always liked the water because it looks so fluffy and light. I’ve haven’t really drawn water like that since.

Next is another drawing from a story I wrote 2 years ago. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in the graduate program because when I revisited this story I was able to recognize it immediately as total shit.

Posters are usually the best part of movies anyway. I’ve gotta get back into guache!

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Movie Sketches and Sketchbook Dump

Trying to get myself back into the drawing game this summer. I’ve been drawing movie stills from this website cinemosaic. Been Screwing around with some color tests too. Conceptually, I kind of hate the idea of adding film effects to my digital animations. But I keep doing it:

These top two drawings are from a movie called Sword of Doom. The next two are from Kwaidan and Jigoku. Cinemosaic’s whole front page was nothing but Japanese Samurai/horror movies. Which is better than the second page of weird British stuff I didn’t really wanna draw.

Bill Duke has been on my to-draw list for fucking months. Drew this from Predator:

Then finally there is some miscellaneous stuff. Some Wendigo drawings and a 2 more style-boards I made today.

I feel like I got my chops back. Now I’m going to start tackling my to-draw list in earnest. I LOVE SUMMER TIME.

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