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I’ve been drawing a ton of barbarians lately. Jesse James Dean made an awesome gif. He also introduced me to Mr. Buffalo. I’ve got barbarian on the brain, so I’m going to do push-ups and watch The 13th Warrior later.

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My friend Einar wrote this little blurb a few months ago. He told me that if I illustrated it he’d piss himself in white pants.

Here’s a better look at that bog man:

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Breakfast 01/09/12

I’m gonna see how long I can keep up illustrating my breakfast everyday:
Seems like it’ll be good practice. Speed trials if I’m ever running late will force me to loosen up. I’ll try and mix up media too. And if I’m REALLY lucky I’ll keep levelling my ability to make breakfast.

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More Concept Art

Big WEEK- Katie’s family was here for the last week and they took us around to a lot of the cool places I’ve been wanting to visit. Tomorrow I go the Academy for a centennial tribute to Mary Blair. I’ve gotta get dressed up and I think there’re going to be free appetizers. THEN a bizarrely elaborate Halloween party on Saturday, a free LACMA field trip on Sunday, a lot of cool movies being played and nothing but animating to be done in between. This is a cool plaaaace.

ANYWAY- Here are some more finished drawings for that team of engineers. I’m not super excited about the content, but they’re getting me to draw things I wouldn’t be normally. The color’s just more practice with light- I’m trying to color like I would with markers.

There’s a screwy sign in this first one- the game has to do with dementia, so I didn’t think it made sense to have details like text and signage to be so finite.

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Some nostalgic exercises

I was doodling in class the other day and little images of Florida kept coming out.

I’m not very confident dealing with light, so I scanned it in to experiment:

Zoomed in real close- the sunset one looks like some UPA style background. But I like the colors:

It’s feeling fall-ish outside, I want to start making some soups.

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