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And all the rest

I’m really starting to see the benefits of a blog. Right now I’m going through all these pictures I’ve scanned but had no place to put until now. Above is a drawing of the mancoon I made a few months ago. I really like the mancoon, it was some gibberish word my friend Isadora said once a few years ago that stuck in my mind. However, while my intention was simply to draw a racoon-man hybrid, Katie thinks I’m treading on some weird ground with the name mancoon attached to a figure that kind of looks like a nasty redneck. I still like the drawing though, so it’s going on the blog. And below are 2 home-made light tables I made for about 35 dollars a few weeks ago. A single, cheap light-table (without registration pegs) is about $50, so I win!

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Old Site Dump

I’m in the process of turning my old website into this new site with the blog upfront. I’ve got all the video pages transferred over, and some time this week hopefully I’ll move over all of my 2D work. There has been a great culling of portfolio images during the move, most of the drawings on this site are almost 2 years old and gotta come down. But, since I have a blog now, just because something isn’t going in the online portfolio doesn’t mean it can’t go online! So here are all sketches and video that aren’t making it to the new portfolio:

An audio/visual collage using found and recorded footage.
I worked backwards for this one, creating the sound first
and setting the video to its cues.

Eyja Atoll
The first animation using the rotograph to simulate

This was my first attempt with the rotograph. It’s pretty crude, but it got me excited enough to make a more elaborate version.

My first try at simulating parallax, based on a series of
drawings I was doing at the time.

Queequeg’s Playhouse
Color drawing assignment where we were had to respond
to music. I made this box that rotated three rolls of acetate
in alternating directions in response to Queequeg’s playhouse
by Man Man.

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I had to make a multi-layered background for class. Next week I think we’re going to animate it.

After I was done drawing this I realized it looked just like a series of photographs my mom made a while back. But I worked in a Terex HR-16, so there is a little bit of me in there too.

I plan on animating some lizards and an airplane in there. The sky has to change too. It’s generic and awful:

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