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Started coloring

I finished the credits last night and I’m now starting the final phase of production 1: coloring. I’m messing around with a few different techniques but I think it’s turning out nice:

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      WELP. I made it with a day to spare. Just finished scanning my last scene frames.  Here are some frame trails from the scene were Knowles gets destroyed by 3 alligators:

About a minute of animation

    Scanning those concludes the main animation I had scheduled for my production 1. AGHH it’s just sinking in.  There is still some drawing to be done. I’ve got to fix some mistakes, redo a scene if I have time, and add some frames here and there, but huge portion of this project is finished. And finished on TIME!

Tomorrow I’m going to make a rough edit – throw some rough sound together and hopefully my composers can get to work. I think I may be officially in post-production now. It’s still going to be an insane amount of work since I don’t really have a smart way to color anything, but other than that I feel REALLY good. REALLY, really good.

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20 Days Until Picture Lock

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Scene03_In progress – 32 days until picture lock

I tried to make this background look stormy, rep some of that South Florida weather.

It’s hard to find enough time to stay on schedule, let alone update the blog.  RAAAAAAAGHH. We’re out of all food in the apartment. I ate peanut butter and jelly off of a butter knife and shredded cheese for dinner last night. There is a very serious possibility that I will be able to catch up and be back on schedule by Monday. I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THAT.

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Scene 06 background – 39 days until picture lock

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