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Bill at 500mph Life-cycle


I think these three things pretty much sum up my thesis.

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Finally getting into the hallucination sequence is exciting, but it’s kind of turned production into molasses. There is a lot of decision making to be done, which hasn’t been a part of doing my thesis for 9 months. Hopefully it’ll be good.

Anyway- I keep a folder called ‘blog’ on my desktop. I save any mistake renders that I think look cool, or any process stuff that might be interesting. It’s been a little while since my last post and the folder is starting to feel a little backed up,  so here’s a massive post-dump.

Some of the coloring is coming back in. The first is an example of the final look, the rest are happy accidents:

51_Headwound_ECU (0-00-00-21)
39_Bottle Grab_COLOR posterized sky 18_Airboat Tracking_COLOR (0-00-00-06)
39_Bottle Grab_Beetle

This is a new shot I’m probably going to add, if time permits:


And the rest is all hallucination sequence madness.

Bill Heads

I had scheduled 1 day to finalize the hallucination sequence. It’s taken me 2 weeks:


composting screenshots

composting screenshots1 composting screenshots2

2_Color Mattes _1_Master Comp (0-00-00-21)


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Airboat Animation Reference

A sampler from some of the footage my mom helped me capture last December:

Now I just need a voice actor.

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Getting shots back from my colorists! Thesis is slowly solidifying.

14_Bill_extreme OTS_for coloring (0-00-00-00)


Finished this shot today. It’s right after Bill’s hand get’s crushed in the bottle and it explodes all over the boat, then the engine starts to rev off screen. That’s why Bill is making this ‘WHUUUUH?” expression. Trivia: Bill was originally named Cachorro, based on some stories about an exterminator I had heard from my grandfather. But in my research I learned that cachorro(a) mean puppy, or cub, and it didn’t seem to fit any more. So I ended up naming him after one of my and Katie’s uncles.

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Pixel Breakdown

Rendering at 25% quality makes me wonder if I should have done my entire thesis pixel-art style. Here’s some more process stuff (color correcting) and happy-accidents:

28_Beetle in Palm2 (0-00-00-20)
03_Airboat Cooldown_Element

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