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more coloring and some homework


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Bird Gifs for everyone

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Beach Shoot Day

I forgot to upload these after the shoot happened- time is starting to crunch. But here are some photos from the beach shoot-day:

The jury-rigged track seemed to simple when I imagined it- but we ended up hot-gluing magazines together and using a microwave to set it up right.

Andrew, lord of succulents:

All lit up:

I took a cruddy panoramic shot of the whole set-up in the apartment. The quality is bad, but you can at least understand that there was shit everywhere :

And this here is what the footage looks like after we gave it some of the business:


Andrew has been working feverishly to birth this thing from his mind. Now it LIVES.

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Danger Island – sc02 – woman_v2


Animating is going well! This gif runs a little fast, but I think the movement is right. The only problem is that it took me most of the day. Turns out I’m a ponderously slow animator.

I’ve got to animate a bird and a the man this weekend too. And I’m SCHEDULED to clean-up and start coloring too. But thinking about that makes me very sleepy.


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Animating Animating Animating

KEYS! I’m pretty rusty – but this is fun. I keep wanting to push my keys- but for some reason it just doesn’t happen. I have to really keep my mind about me and make a concerted effort while I’m drawing so that the animation isn’t stiff.

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